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Most Americans associate Hershey with the chocolate brand of the same name, and there can be no doubt; it is the chocolate factories founded by Milton S. Hershey which made this wonderful city known beyond the boundaries of Pennsylvania.

There are, however, many other reasons for tourists as well as business-men to visit this city which is home to over 12 thousand people. Located only a few miles from Harrisburg, "Chocolatetown, USA" is not only home to the Reese Candy Company and Hershey's Chocolate World but also the Hersheypark Stadium, the ZooAmerica, and the Hershey Gardens.

We are sure you are going to enjoy your stay in the "Sweetest Place on Earth" and hope that our site will make finding a Hershey hotel easier for you, so you can travel here without having to worry about finding a place to spend the nights, but with a good feeling that you booked a room that will satisfy you and will make you want to come back here over and over again.

Things to Do in Hershey

chocolate world

Hershey offers a lot of wonderful ways for you to spend your spare time.

You may want to visit the famous Hershey's Chocolate Word and learn about the history of the company that gave the city its name (and of course have a bite or two of a tasty chocolate bar).

The Hershey Park offers a whole slew of rides, so if you or your kids love the thrill of a neck-breaking roller-coaster ride, this is an attraction you do not want to miss.

More quaint and relaxing are the Hershey Gardens - thousands of flowers will welcome you there with their lush colors and wonderful smells.

If you and your kids like animals, a visit to the ZooAmerica is something you should not miss.

Rather want to relax? Why not spend a few hours in the Chocolate Spa? Or hit a few golf balls at the Hershey Country Club?

Last but not least, Hershey also offers a lot of cultural activities. Visit the Hershey Theatre or enjoy one of the many concerts and shows the town has to offer.


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Milton Hotel

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The Suites at Hershey

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Best Western Inn

Route 422 & Sipe Avenue
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